How we make reviews and recommendations

I have spent my fair share of time looking for online advice when I go to purchase new gear. I have been a skier for a long time. It amazes me how so many websites out there are giving guidance on ski gear when it’s clear the author has never skied before or touched the gear they are recommending. We can’t try out every piece of gear out there (we wish that we could). We use our knowledge and comparisons to what we have tried and reviewed to make judgments on gear we haven’t had a chance to try. We never just randomly take the top 10 most popular items on Amazon and call that our top 10 list. A lot of gear sites follow that exact method.

Mountain Ski Gear crew hard at work
M.S.G. crew hard at work


We like to try items out and test our manufacturer’s claims. We try out ski goggles in flat dreary days to see how well any nifty new color optimized lens works. We try out gear skiing in the rain. We like to try out all the extra features. There is a lot of over promise and under deliver out there in the ski gear world.

We will try out cheap and expensive items.

Nothing is too cheap for us to try out. We’ll try out a set of $20 generic Amazon ski goggles right next to a set of $350 Smith 4D Mags. There is a lot of junk available on Amazon but there is some really good stuff too. It is challenging to tell what is good and bad just from reading the Amazon buyer ratings and feedback.

Lots of images so you can see everything

We want to give you enough pictures to see the details of every part of an item. We want you to feel like you saw the item and got to play with it in person yourself by the time you’re done reading. If there is something you want to see that we didn’t capture, feel free to send us a note and we’ll take a picture for you if we still have the item.

Ratings for important performance measurements

We only like to review and rate items for activities we actually do. We understand how equipment gets used and what will work well and what won’t. For ski goggles things such as anti-fog performance and flat light performance are really important. We have decades of experience skiing and use our knowledge to rate gear for real world performance.

We purchase items and accept items from vendors

We do a mix here. We accept items for review from vendors and we go out and buy things ourselves. It lets us review more gear for our readers. We’ll give the good and bad of all our review items. Nothing ever gets a glowing perfect review unless it’s something that we really do love that much.

What do we do with products we won’t recommend?

We have gotten several items from vendors that we felt were poor values or just didn’t function correctly. A few items have broken and stopped working after just a couple of uses. If the item was provided by a vendor we share feedback with them and then decline to publish the review.

Can I get my item reviewed on your website?

It’s possible. Send us a note at and we’ll talk about it. It has to be something we’re knowledgable about